Hands off Venezuela Sverige

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On behalf of the Hands off Venezuela campaign in Sweden we would like
to make the following statement. We are firmly against the recent
illegal coup d etat in Honduras. We call for the rescue and return of
the democratically elected president Zelaya.

We support the statements made from President Chavez and president
Moraleas and other regional leaders regarding this matter.

We believe that the reason for the coup d etat is Honduras decision to
join ALBA and move closer towards the position of the other left-wing
governments in the region. This is a threat to USA imperialistic
interest in the region. According to an article by Eva Golinger
the way this coup d etat has been carried through shows many
similarities with the coup d etat in Venezuela 2002. Since president
Obama so far has only said that he is “concerned” with the situation
in Honduras this imply that the US administration has been deeply
involved in this coup d etat.
This shows that threat of US imperialism and the oligarchy in Latina
America has not gone away.

We must struggle against what have happened in Honduras. We must build
links with the people in Honduras who are against the coup. But we
need to draw the right conclusion we must not make steps backward
under the threat from imperialism. The Venezuelan revolution along
with the other revolutionary processes in Latin America must go