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Dikt från Antionio Guerrero, en av de fem kubanerna

Posted on: oktober 21, 2009

Den 13 oktober så fick Antonio Guerrero, en av de fem kubanerna sitt fängelsestraff förnyat till 21 år och 10 månader. Under tiden som han väntade på rättegången så skrev han denna dikt och skickade den till alla de som stödjer honom runt omkring i världen.

Miami is before my eyes. I can’t sleep
An obstinate verse bounces
between the luxury of a skyscraper
and the tragedy of a broken shower.
through the window I see the rising sun
to light the green tinted windows,
in every direction people, with whom
I make an imaginary world, walk.
The Royal Caribbean cruises,
the McDonald’s, the school, the banks,
the homeless rummaging through the trash
the vendor under the umbrella
still there and again I look at them
from the ”hole”, that is, ”from my altitude”.
It is called Miami’s Down Town
a mass of steel, concrete and glasses.
During the day an authentic ant’s nest.
During the night a dangerous and empty place.
Its each time highest buildings
are symbols of power and opulence:
banks with millionaire transactions,
houses with few tenants.
In the cosmetic urbanization
there are parking lots for countless cars.
and I do not know how to say it in verse
but what captures more my attention
is to see that the public transportation
basically is used by the black people.
Once again orange jumper
Once again solitude between bricks.
Once again broken mattress without pillow.
Once again big noise in the hall.
Once again to change clothes once a week.
Once again tiny yellow pencil.
One again by a miracle a phone call.
Once again to walk without destiny.
Once again a cage to ”recreate”,
This time even they don’t give coffee.
Once again dirty floor, cold shower.
Once again a ”cop-out” to complain
and, of course, they don’t answer once again.
Once again ”hole” and once again poetry.


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